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  1. Anonymous

    Can you contact me regarding development of plugins. I've been working on a couple things and would like to run a couple things by you. Do you frequent a discord or slack that I could join?

    1. Anonymous

      Oops, Dana.hanna@gma..... Is my email

      1. Anonymous

        Jeg observerte både mann og datter, det er bra oppmøte fra husstanden etter mine begreper. Men sånne indre sunvekeipnrr blir jo aldri fornøyd ;)Birgit
      2. Anonymous

        Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW
    2. Anonymous

      Okay I'm covcinned. Let's put it to action.
    3. Anonymous

      That hits the target dead ceetnr! Great answer!
  2. Anonymous

    When you get a chance could you finish the sections on the Resource Definition Types?  I'd love to know how to add models, adding toys like planes and animals is a high priority for me.  Thanks for making Chunks so moddable, you rock!


  3. Anonymous

    In unserer kleinen Wohnung passt nicht mal die Deko rein, die ich mir im Laufe der Jahre angesammelt habe und die 100% meinen Geschmack trifft. Schlummert alles in Umounkartzgs. Deshalb gibt's auch keine Deko zu speziellen Anlässen, weder zu Weihnachten noch zu Ostern. Kein Platz. Ich bin sowieso keine Dekorateurin, zu faul und unkreativ.
  4. Anonymous

    Heck yeah baby-ee keep them coming!
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