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Q1 2016


XP System

  • Players have an XP value, which is like currency
  • XP persists between deaths
  • Earn XP by harvesting resources
  • Earn XP by crafting for the first time

Level System

  • Level is based on total xp earned
  • Levelling up makes available new blueprints

Blueprint System

  • Blueprints are made available to a player depending on their level
  • Players need to buy blueprints using their earned XP
  • Blueprints exist in a tree system, so you need to unlock one item to unlock its children items (ie, wooden spear to unlock stone spear)

Skills System

  • Skills are broken into 3 categories, each of which level up
  • Total level is worked out by adding together all three levels
  • Players are created with a random level
  • Players share a percentage of nearby player's skills


  • Survival
    • Increase health regen speed
    • Faster gather speed
    • Higher yield gathering
  • Craft
    • Higher level items
    • Reduce crafting time
    • Longer crafting queue
  • Fitness
    • Increase Maximum Health
    • Increase stamina
    • Increase movement speed


  • Your cheer increases other players skill level that are around you
  • You can get cheer from objects, such as workbenches

Q2 2016


Gathering Anti-Grind - More fun

  • Hitting tree = branches, berries, eggs fall out
  • Wood piles are primary source of large amounts of wood
  • Twigs from trees can be used to build simple walls
  • In game rocks contain ore/stone nodes, that you break off
  • Avoid repetitive hitting

Survival Improvements

  • Metabolism is shit
  • More early effects of starvation, slowing, no jump, slower melee swings
  • Make heartrate more visible

Farming Improvements

  • Plants should convert water into products over time
  • Grow times don't need to be realistic
  • Rain adds minimal amount of water, doesn't cause growth
  • Bucket item to carry large amounts of water
  • People who eat food from plants you plant and grow, earn you xp (farmer)


  • Animals shouldn't get stuck
  • Taking down an animal should be a big deal
  • Being attacked by a wolf should be an experience (shouldn't attack if facing etc)
  • Throw meat away to distract wolves/bears
  • Bears should be like the helicopter, hitting vulnerable places in order
  • Ragdoll should turn into bones and shit

Better building

  • Hammer hosts the plan (right click to switch)
  • Blueprint is removed
  • Hammer builds up scaffolding into built
  • Should have to hit specific places on the building block to build
  • Hammer also upgrades (DISCUSS HOW THIS WORKS)
  • Remove shell protection

World Creation Protocol

  • World can be created entirely by looking at the protocol
  • Can be used as cache for faster loading times
  • Servers can send it to clients
  • Mods can read from it and write to it
  • People can give it to other people or upload it to the workshop
  • Future: SDK can export levels using the world protocol

Q3 2016

Q4 2016


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