S&box Wiki



float pitch
float roll
float yaw
static Angles Zero


Vector3 Direction { get; set; }
The direction vector for this angle
float Length { get; }
float LengthSqr { get; }
Angles Normal { get; }
static Angles Random { get; }


static Vector3 AngleVector( Angles ang )
Converts an angle to a forward vector
static float ClampAngle( float v )
bool IsNearlyZero( double tolerance = 5E-324 )
static Angles Lerp( Angles a, Angles b, float t )
static float NormalizeAngle( float v )
static Angles Parse( string str )
static Angles Read( System.IO.BinaryReader reader )
Angles WithPitch( float pitch )
Angles WithRoll( float roll )
Angles WithYaw( float yaw )
static void Write( System.IO.BinaryWriter writer, Angles v )