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float a
float b
static Color Black
static Color Blue
static Color Cyan
float g
static Color Gray
static Color Green
static Color Magenta
static Color Orange
float r
static Color Red
static Color White
static Color Yellow


string Hex { get; }
float Item { get; }
float Luminance { get; }
static Color Random { get; }
uint RGBA { get; }


static Color Average( Color[] values )
static Color FromBytes( int r, int g, int b, int a = 255 )
static Color Lerp( Color a, Color b, float delta, bool clamped = True )
static Color Max( Color a, Color b )
static Color Min( Color a, Color b )
static Color? Parse( string value )
Color Read( System.IO.BinaryReader reader )
Color32 ToColor32( bool srgb = False )
Convert to a Color32 (a 32 bit color value)
Color WithAlpha( float alpha )
Returns this colour with its alpha value changed
Color WithBlue( float blur )
Returns this colour with its blue value changed
Color WithGreen( float green )
Returns this colour with its green value changed
Color WithRed( float red )
Returns this colour with its red value changed
void Write( System.IO.BinaryWriter writer )

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