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bool EnableClientsideAnimation { get; set; }
float PlaybackRate { get; set; }
Playback rate of the animations on this entity
Vector3 RootMotion { get; }
Experimental root motion velocity for anim graphs that use root motion
float RootMotionAngle { get; }
Experimental root motion angle velocity for anim graphs that use root motion
string Sequence { get; set; }
The currently playing sequence/animation
bool UseAnimGraph { get; set; }
Allows the entity to not use the anim graph so it can play sequences directly


void AnimFrame( float amount )
bool GetAnimBool( string name )
float GetAnimFloat( string name )
int GetAnimInt( string name )
Vector3 GetAnimVector( string name )
float GetSequenceDuration()
Get the duration of the currently playing sequence
bool HasAnimGraph()
Whether this entity's model has an anim graph or not
bool IsSequenceFinished()
Get whether the current animation sequence has finished
bool IsValidSequence( string sequenceName )
Check whether a sequence is valid by name
void SetAnimBool( string name, bool value )
void SetAnimFloat( string name, float value )
void SetAnimInt( string name, int value )
void SetAnimLookAt( string name, Vector3 value )
Converts value to vector local to this entity's eyepos and passes it to SetAnimVector
void SetAnimParam( string name, int value )
void SetAnimRotation( string name, Rotation value )
void SetAnimTransform( string name, Transform value )
void SetAnimVector( string name, Vector3 value )