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static ulong AppId { get; }
static string GameName { get; }
static bool InGame { get; }
Return true if we're in a game (ie, not in the main menu)
static bool IsClosing { get; }
Set to true when the game is closing
static bool IsDedicatedServer { get; }
static bool IsListenServer { get; }
static bool IsPlayingDemo { get; }
static string MapName { get; }
static int PhysicsSubSteps { get; set; }
If you're seeing objects go through other objects or you have a low tickrate, you might want to increase the number of physics substeps. This breaks physics steps down into this many substeps. The default is 1 and works pretty good. Be aware that the number of physics ticks per second is going to be tickrate * substeps. So if you're ticking at 90 and you have SubSteps set to 1000 then you're going to do 90,000 steps per second. So be careful here.
static float PhysicsTimeScale { get; set; }
How fast (or slow) the physics should run.
static float TickInterval { get; }
1 / TickRate
static int TickRate { get; }
Amount of ticks to perform per second. Higher is smoother and more accurate but uses more power. Lower can be laggy and weird things can happen. Default is 60.

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