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System.String[] Alias { get; set; }
string Description { get; set; }
We use this to provide a nice description in the editor
bool Editable { get; set; }
We use this to filter entities to show in the entity list in the editor
string FullName { get; }
The full class name
string Group { get; set; }
We use this to organise groups of entities in the editor
string Icon { get; set; }
We use this to provide an icon in the editor. Icon should be a string from here https://fonts. google. com/icons
int Identifier { get; }
This is based on the full name of this type. Don't rely on it to be the same between saves - but it should be reliable over the network.
string Name { get; }
This is the name that will be used to create this class. If you don't set it via the attribute constructor it will be set to the name of the class it's attached to
bool Spawnable { get; set; }
We use this to filter entities that can be spawned in the editor.
string Title { get; set; }
A nice presentable name to show
object TypeId { get; }


bool IsNamed( string name )
Return true if this class matches this name, eiuther with its primary name or any of its alt named.
bool Match( object obj )

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