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IReadOnlyList<System.Attribute> Attributes { get; }
System.Type DeclaringType { get; }
string FGDType { get; set; }
Overrides the property type in the Hammer FGD
string Group { get; set; }
Keyvalue group in the Hammer FGD
bool Hammer { get; set; }
Whether this property should be written to Hammer FGD
string Help { get; }
The help text for the FGD for this property
string MemberName { get; }
string Name { get; set; }
The internal name of this property in Hammer FGD. If unset the C# variable name is used
System.Type PropertyType { get; }
string Title { get; set; }
The user friendly name of this property in the FGD. If unset, will be used.
object TypeId { get; }


T GetValue( object source )
bool Match( object obj )
void SetValue( object source, object value )
Set the value of this property

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