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A procedurally shattering glass panel.

This entity requires a mesh to function

In code, it is defined in the ShatterGlass.cs file under addons\base\code\Entity\Experimental\Glass.


Create a quad, reszize it to your desired size then press ctrl + t to turn it into an entity and then set its class to func_shatterglass

func_shatterglass only works as a quad.


Name (targetname)

  • The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

Tags (tags)

  • A list of general purpose tags for this entity, for interactions with other entities such as triggers.

Glass Thickness (glass_thickness)

  • Thickness of the glass

Glass Material (glass_material)

  • Material to use for the glass.

Glass Material When Broken (brokenmaterial)

  • Material to use for the glass when it's broken. if not set, the material will not change on break.

Damage Position 01 (damagepositioningentity)

Damage Position 02 (damagepositioningentity02)

Damage Position 03 (damagepositioningentity03)

Damage Position 04 (damagepositioningentity04)

Constraint (constraint)

Glass constraint.

  • Glass with static edges - will not be affected by gravity (glass pieces will) and will shatter piece by piece.

  • Physics glass - is affected by gravity and will shatter all at the same time.

  • Physics but asleep - is same as physics but will not move on spawn.

Shadow Casting (enable_shadows)

  • whether this entity should cast shadows or not.