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# Requirements In order to maintain consistency on the wiki, we require you to follow next rules. ## Templates - Сlass methods: - Code: `<page>Entity:SetModel</page>` - Preview: [Entity:SetModel](/gmod/Entity:SetModel) - Library functions: - Code: `<page>ents.Create</page>` - Preview: [ents.Create](/gmod/ents.Create) - Global functions: - Code: `<page>Global.AddCSLuaFile</page>` - Preview: [AddCSLuaFile](/gmod/Global.AddCSLuaFile) - Hooks: - Code: `<page>ENTITY:Initialize</page>` - Preview: [ENTITY:Initialize](/gmod/ENTITY:Initialize) - Enumerations: - Code: `<page>ACT</page>` - Preview: [ACT](/gmod/ACT) - Structures: - Code: `<page>Structures/TraceResult</page>` - Preview: [Structures/TraceResult](/gmod/Structures/TraceResult) - Types, classes and panels: - Code: `<page>string</page>` `<page>ConVar</page>` `<page>DFrame</page>` - Preview: [string](/gmod/string) [ConVar](/gmod/ConVar) [DFrame](/gmod/DFrame) - Libraries: - Code: `<page>table</page>` - Preview: [table](/gmod/table) - Shaders: - Code: `<page>Shaders/gmodscreenspace</page>` - Preview: [Shaders/gmodscreenspace](/gmod/Shaders/gmodscreenspace) ## Lua Code - In descriptions or in articles wrap your Lua code in \`\`\`lua \`\`\` tags manually. This is done automatically for function examples. ```lua local function foo() print("bar") end ``` - Inline code \`code\` - Hello `CallThisFunction( "With these arguments" )` World! ## Page Content - It's **Lua**, not **LUA**, **LUa**, **lua** or **LuA**. - It's **SENT**, not **SEnt**. - It's **SWEP**, not **SWep**. - It's **TOOL**, not **STOOL**. - If you don't know how to name an argument or describe it, don't put **UNKNOWN** or anything like that, just leave it blank. - Put **proper descriptions** for arguments and return values, not just their names with one word. - Argument names **must** start with a lower case letter. - `Position` is bad, `pos` is good. - Do **not** put type indentifier as first letter. - `iNum` is bad, `num` is good. ## Examples - Try to make the examples be ready for use by other people, they shouldn't produce errors if people copy it into a Lua file or use lua_run. - For gamemode hook examples, use the [hook library](/gmod/hook.Add) instead of `GM:HookName`. - Examples must not rely on addons being installed - If output of an example is not available, don't put `N/A`, just leave the field empty. - Try to match coding style of your examples with coding style of other examples on other pages. - Do not put **any** semicolons (`;`). - Keep underscores to minimum. - Use [Entity](/gmod/Global.Entity)( 1 ) for player. - Use [Vector](/gmod/Global.Vector)( 0, 0, 0 ) and [Angle](/gmod/Global.Angle)( 0, 0, 0 ) for arguments, not just something like `vPos`. - Use `Player1` in place of a player's nickname in example output. Additional players can be `Player2`, `Player3`, and so on. - Use `STEAM_0:1:12345678` in place of player's SteamID in example output. - Avoid useless globals. - Use **--**, not **//**. - Try to space out function arguments to make the code more readable, put a space after each coma, bracket like so: ```lua function ENT:Think() self:MyFunction( "test argument", 1, false ) end ```

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