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This page is used to report bugs and make requests.

Use it as discussion on MediaWiki-like wikis, separate your thread with *newline*---*newline*.

Always sign your replies with your Facepunch nickname.

Also include your Operating System name and Web Browser if you are reporting a bug to ensure it does not go overlooked!

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Request: Create a dedicated requests / bugs system


A dedicated requests / bugs system (similar to that on github) would allow the raiser of the issue to be notified when it has been fixed, and will allow you at Facepunch to delegate people to deal with the raised issue and communicate with the original poster, as well as highlight any existing posts that have been created to stop people from posting the same issue over-and-over. Also, it will stop keyboard warriors from getting the markup wrong and messing it up.

Bug: Certain user accounts don't have proper wiki profile pages


Certain user accounts, such as mine, are missing their profile pages (it is not only me either, going through some of the user accounts on the recent changes page in the gmod wiki highlight this too)... therefore I cannot use the View Profile button on the right, nor the Your Changes section on either.

Request: Add back in TAB to search


Upon moving forums, the press Tab to search in the chrome browser hasn't been implemented.

Bug: <appendedenums> wasn't implemented


<appendedenums> exists on this page but still confuses new devs because enums aren't actually appended.

Request: Make realm icons have a tooltip with the realm it represent and the link to the realms page


Realms page. New devs don't know what these icons near each function are because wiki doesn't give hints.

Bug: <bug> "issue" parameter wasn't implemented


Bugs imported from the previous wiki had a link to the issue from the Github. This is useful to find information about how this bug is reproducible and does it have a fix or walkaround.

Bug: <item> "default" parameter wasn't implemented


<item> form the <structure> template has default parameter which was imported from the previous wiki but is not visible in the current one

Request: Change library functions clickable link from the method to the parent.


If you go to any library function page in the function template the function itself will be clickable but this has no sense because we are already on this page, to make more sense make the parent name clickable. Example: Currently clickable: Call Change to: hook So we can move to all parent's functions/methods.

Request: Make ability to create PageList depending on the content of the page


Some pages should be mentioned on specific page but they currently you can't create a list of all pages depending on the content of the page.

Request: Add global search


Make search as separate page or add ability to search by the content in the search field on the left side.

Request: Make if search has one result you can go to this page by hitting enter


If you search for a page and you typed exactly its name you still have to move your mouse and click the page to open it. Make it open by hitting enter.

Request: Make Random page button


Random page is useful to test your knowledge or find new stuff. Suggested icons: mdi-dice-5-outline or mdi-dice-multiple-outline.

Bug: <code> misses lots of Lua syntax


<code> tag doesn't highlight ..., not, or, [, ], {, }, ||, &&, *, /, ^, %, # and numbers.

Bug: Underscore (_) in titles doesn't work properly on GMod's wiki


Example page:

Page titles are entity classnames, they do not display the _ characters properly in them, this is due to the font used - Heebo

Tested on Chrome

Bug: Navigating back (browser back) to editor will not update the syntax highlighting


Essentially title. The text area will contain the saved text changes, but the syntax highlighter will contain the page's unedited text instead.

Tested on Chrome

Bug: Re-sizing the window can make text in page editor 'ghost'


When resizing my Chrome window, the text will stack on top of each other like so:


It seems to be fine when I use the shortcut: Win + Left arrow, but when re-sizing it using a mouse and/or snapping it to an edge it will ghost as seen in the picture.

Bug: Ctrl+clicking does not open page in new tab


Ctrl + Click does not work on Chrome or Edge on Windows - therefore I cannot open a link in a new tab. If it's any consolation it does work on Internet Explorer (not that much else does though)...

I assume it is because you have a custom system that overrides the clicking of links and just changes the content of the current page rather than following through, if so could you add a check for the ctrl key please :)

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