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<structure> <description> Right Menu structure </description> <fields> <item name="Page Links" type="label">Category of pages actions</item> <item name="View Page" type="button">View opened page (default)</item> <item name="Edit Page" type="button">Edit opened page</item> <item name="View History" type="button">View the history of changes for opened pages</item> <item name="Username" type="label" default="You">Your username (visible if logged in)</item> <item name="View Profile" type="button">View your profile page</item> <item name="Your Changes" type="button">View the list of your changes</item> <item name="Log Out" type="button">Logs out from your account</item> <item name="Special Pages" type="label">Category of wiki actions</item> <item name="Recent Changes" type="button">View the list of recent changes made in the wiki</item> <item name="Errored Pages" type="button">View the list of pages with parsing errors</item> <item name="Wikis" type="label">Category of Facepunch wikis</item> <item name="Garry's Mod" type="button">Garry's Mod Wiki</item> <item name="Rust" type="button">Rust Wiki</item> <item name="Steamworks" type="button">Steamworks C# Wrapper Wiki</item> <item name="Wiki Help" type="button">This wiki</item> <item name="Internal" type="button">Internal wiki for the staff</item> <item name="?" type="button">Render stats</item> </fields> </structure>


Right Menu structure


Page Links [label]

Category of pages actions

View Page [button]

View opened page (default)

Edit Page [button]

Edit opened page

View History [button]

View the history of changes for opened pages

Username [label]

Your username (visible if logged in)

Default: You

View Profile [button]

View your profile page

Your Changes [button]

View the list of your changes

Log Out [button]

Logs out from your account

Special Pages [label]

Category of wiki actions

Recent Changes [button]

View the list of recent changes made in the wiki

Errored Pages [button]

View the list of pages with parsing errors

Wikis [label]

Category of Facepunch wikis

Garry's Mod [button]

Garry's Mod Wiki

Rust [button]

Rust Wiki

Steamworks [button]

Steamworks C# Wrapper Wiki

Wiki Help [button]

This wiki

Internal [button]

Internal wiki for the staff

? [button]

Render stats

Special Pages



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