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<structure> <description> Right Menu structure </description> <fields> <item name="Page Links" type="label">Category of pages actions</item> <item name="View Page" type="button">View opened page (default)</item> <item name="Edit Page" type="button">Edit opened page</item> <item name="View History" type="button">View the history of changes for opened pages</item> <item name="Username" type="label" default="You">Your username (visible if logged in)</item> <item name="View Profile" type="button">View your profile page</item> <item name="Your Changes" type="button">View the list of your changes</item> <item name="Log Out" type="button">Logs out from your account</item> <item name="Special Pages" type="label">Category of wiki actions</item> <item name="Recent Changes" type="button">View the list of recent changes made in the wiki</item> <item name="Errored Pages" type="button">View the list of pages with parsing errors</item> <item name="Wikis" type="label">Category of Facepunch wikis</item> <item name="Garry's Mod" type="button">Garry's Mod Wiki</item> <item name="Rust" type="button">Rust Wiki</item> <item name="Steamworks" type="button">Steamworks C# Wrapper Wiki</item> <item name="Wiki Help" type="button">This wiki</item> <item name="Internal" type="button">Internal wiki for the staff</item> <item name="?" type="button">Render stats</item> </fields> </structure>


Right Menu structure


label Page Links
Category of pages actions
button View Page
View opened page (default)
button Edit Page
Edit opened page
button View History
View the history of changes for opened pages
label Username
Your username (visible if logged in)

Default: You

button View Profile
View your profile page
button Your Changes
View the list of your changes
button Log Out
Logs out from your account
label Special Pages
Category of wiki actions
button Recent Changes
View the list of recent changes made in the wiki
button Errored Pages
View the list of pages with parsing errors
label Wikis
Category of Facepunch wikis
button Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod Wiki
button Rust
Rust Wiki
button Steamworks
Steamworks C# Wrapper Wiki
button Internal
Internal wiki for the staff
button ?
Render stats