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Bugs And Requests History

3 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - Minor Change
by Rubat
Bugs_And_Requests - Minor Change + Minor Change
by Rubat
4 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - Request
5 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - upload error request + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change
by webby
6 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - Minor Change + Formatting fix
Bugs_And_Requests - Request: Check page version on update
Bugs_And_Requests - Bug report on linking to other wiki sites
by Tom.bat
Bugs_And_Requests - Minor Change
Bugs_And_Requests - No change reason was given
Bugs_And_Requests - Bug: Ghost Characters, really annoying.
Bugs_And_Requests - Added bug or request but I see it as a bug, that is related to this wiki. + Minor Change - forgot "colon"
Bugs_And_Requests - "Bug" fixed, that's just how it does when you're not logged in oops
Bugs_And_Requests - Bug reappeared + Minor Change
Bugs_And_Requests - Added a "temporary" solution to the bug
Bugs_And_Requests - Added a Bug: Images can't be uploaded
11 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - Minor Change + Added line before ym suggestion
12 Months Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - remove addressed issues
by Rubat
1 Year Ago
Bugs_And_Requests - Removed addressed issues + cannot reproduce on opera 72
by Rubat
Bugs_And_Requests - Added bug about double escaping html entities
by Donkie
Bugs_And_Requests - Add Bug report for image tag
by Spar
Bugs_And_Requests - Added feature request
Bugs_And_Requests - Added some bugs etc.
by Repaler
Bugs_And_Requests - another bug with text editor
by Rubat
Bugs_And_Requests - I was testing if new accounts were fixed, but forgot to change back to my main - this account - before posting the previous request and bug, sorry.
by Repaler
Bugs_And_Requests - Added a few
Bugs_And_Requests - Added request...
by Repaler
Bugs_And_Requests - changed
by Spar

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