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<cat>editing</cat> <title>Uploading Images & Files</title> # Uploading To upload a file just drag and drop it on the edit page box. It'll upload and insert the file where the caret is. # Images Images will be display in their own block centered. If the image is too large to fit the page it'll shrink hozizontally to fit. If you click on the image it'll open the full version. <upload src="1/8d7a3446e69c7b1.png" size="10658" name="Rust-Rough-Transparent.png" /> <upload src="1/8d7a3448330cb84.png" size="5998555" name="252490_20191028113403_1.png" /> # Videos Uploaded videos will be embedded as expected. <upload src="1/8d7a344b8069e72.mp4" size="4316276" name="rust_bgvideo_menu_005.mp4" /> # Files Other files will show a download button. <upload src="1/8d7a344ec440e1f.FBX" size="143136" name="BaseTrousers.fbx" />

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