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What are bodygroups?

Bodygroups are a way to hide and show parts of a mesh in a easy option. For example, having a set of hats in a bodygroup list you can switch between, or enabling and disabling a cape. All of this within one model together rather than individual models.

Making a bodygroup

Prepping your meshes

This isn't vital, but I really recommend it, as it makes everything more clear. First go to your RenderMeshList, click each mesh and then rename it to something appropriate. naming example

Make sure to do this for every mesh, you can just name it the same as the original file, if you don't you will be left with a bunch of meshes named. unnamed_1, unnamed_2 and so on, which is not useful.

Adding bodygroups

Ok, now you can click the +Add and then search for


Add it and name it whatever you want, I recommend naming this "base" since this is where we will put all the base meshes.

Now you'll have something like this.


Now I would find Choice #0 in your bodygroup, and rename that to whatever the base mesh is (citizen, mario, john) whatever its name is, or whatever you wanna name it just make sure its clear that its for the base mesh.

Then within this choice add all your base meshes (THAT IS IF YOU WANT ALL THE BASE MESHES TO ALWAYS DISPLAY). Like so.

base bodygroup

Now that we have this we can leave it and not add any other choices, this way the base mesh will always display no matter what.

But now we wanna add some accessories

right click your BodyGroupList and add a new bodygroup, and name it whatever you need (For me it will be hats, since i want my hat options in there)

right click

Now you can go through and name your body groups.

and then right click your bodygroup and add a new choice like we did with the list.

right click2

What I have done though is add my 1st option as none, so that way it defaults to no hats, you can see the 3 choices here, this means I can either select no hat, hat 1 or hat 2.


You can keep doing the same until you got all your bodygroups and their choices.

To test your bodygroups you can locate the Preview State button at the top, and then go through the options within it like so.

Now you can create your bodygroups.

You can not put multiple meshes within the same bodygroup options, E.G.: in hats, i cant make both hats try enable jetpack, you need to have jetpack as its own option.