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Input System


Input is handled using the Input class.

Input Actions

You can configure Input Actions for your project in the Project Settings.


Using Actions

The Input class has a number of methods to help you use your input actions.

Method Description
Input.Pressed( "jump" ) input was just pressed this frame
Input.Released( "jump" ) input was just released this frame
Input.Down( "jump" ) input was held down

It is common to query for input within OnUpdate or OnFixedUpdate.

protected override void OnUpdate() { if ( Input.Released( "jump" ) ) { CharacterController.Punch( Vector3.Up * 256f ); CharacterController.IsOnGround = false; } }


Input.AnalogMove is generated automatically from controller input and any actions you have named "forward", "backward", "left" and "right".

This is a Vector3 representing the move input.

You can safely use this for something like player movement input but you should sanity check it first. For example, you might want to normalize it.


Input.AnalogLook is generated automatically from controller and mouse input.

This represents the view angles. This could be used in something like a first person shooter to represent the eye angles or rotation of a player's object.


Input.Mousewheel is a Vector2 to represent the scroll wheel. This is a Vector2 because many mouses have horizontal and vertical scrolling.