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Guide to Sounds

A Beginners Guide to Sounds

This guide assumes you've already created a sound event or imported a sound.

Adjustable Properties

In the inspector, you can adjust values like volume, pitch, and decibels. If your sound is supposed to be a screen sound, you will also need to select the UI option.

From here, you can also upload the sound to asset.party.


Saving this file via ctrl + s or clicking on Full Recompile will compile both the source sound and the sound event.


Looping Sounds

For looping sounds you will have to either:

  • Place loop markers inside your sound file
  • Left-click the source sound in the assets browser and select the loop checkbox in the inspector. This will only work with .wav and .mp3 files.

Playing a Sound from UI

You can play sound events from Panel code with Panel.PlaySound or using css properties sound-in and sound-out

Playing a Sound from the World

You can play sound events from GameObject or Component code with Sound.Play, this will give you a SoundHandle you can modify. Additionally you can use RPCs to broadcast sounds in multiplayer.

protected override void OnEnabled() { // play sound from GameObject origin var sound = Sound.Play( "example", Transform.World.Position ); sound.Pitch = 2.0f; sound.Volume = 0.5f; }