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Lobby System

Lobby System

The Lobby System exists so you can create, join, and query lobbies in a way that suits your games.

Create a Lobby

By default, adding a Network Helper to your scene will create a lobby when the scene is loaded. However, if you want more control, you can do this yourself.

if ( !GameNetworkSystem.IsActive ) { GameNetworkSystem.CreateLobby(); }

Join a Lobby

You can easily join an existing lobby, too.

GameNetworkSystem.Connect( lobby.LobbyId );

Querying for Lobbies

To get a list of all lobbies, use the Network global manager.

List<LobbyInformation> lobbies; lobbies = await Networking.QueryLobbies( "myorg.ident" );

Setting the default Launch Mode

The default launch mode determines the lobby behaviour when your game is run. You can find the options in the editor by clicking Project > Settings, and then clicking Game Setup.

  • Normal: Creates a new game, without any considerations for lobbies.
  • Launcher: Like normal, but allows a user to select their map before launching.
  • Quick Play: Immediately attempts to place a player in an existing lobby. If none is available, creates a new game.

None of these options will automatically create lobbies for you. It is up to your game (typically the Net Helper component) to create a lobby when the game is started.