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Material Resources

Below is a list of resources related to materials & textures. Which include tools, sites, & guides to assist you in all your material and texturing needs.


PBR Material Authoring Tools

Free PBR Materials/Textures

Free Non-PBR Materials/Textures

PBR Material Authoring Tutorials


  • ¹Since s&box uses OpenGL Normals (+Y), when downloading textures from sites such as AmbientCG or PolyHaven for example, check to see if they have an OpenGL (GL) normal provided. If not you can invert a DirectX Normal (-Y) to OpenGL Normal (+Y) by toggling "Inverted Normals (-Y)" in the material editor InvertingNormal.

  • ²Before exporting a material from Material Maker you will need to convert the normal in the graph from the Material Maker’s internal format to OpenGL Normal convert node documentation

  • ²To export from Material Maker, do 'File' > 'Export Material' > 'Blender' . From there you'll have .exr files whitch are your exported textures.

  • ³Textures from Material Maker Site Will need to first be exported from Material Maker.