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Material Resources


Substance Player - Free program used to view .sbsar files, tweak exposed parameters, and export to texture maps.

Material Authoring Tools

Substance 3D Designer Steam Edition - Paid but powerful Material authoring tool.

Material Maker³ - Free and open-source, based on the Godot Engine.

Texture Lab - Free and open-source, written in TypeScript and hosted in an Electron app.

Free textures





  • ¹Since s&box uses OpenGL Normals, when downloading textures from either AmbientCG or PolyHaven use the normal with GL in the name and not DX

  • ²Normals from CGBookcase will need to be inverted as they are DirectX Normals⁵.

  • ⁵You can invert a normal by toggling Legacy Source1 Inverted Normals in the material editor InvertNormals.

  • ³Before exporting a material from Material Maker you will need to convert the normal in the graph from the Material Maker’s internal format to OpenGL Normal convert node documentation

  • ³To export from Material Maker, do 'File' > 'Export Material' > 'Blender' . From there you'll have .exr files whitch are your exported textures.

  • ⁴Textures from Material Maker Site Will need to first be exported from Material Maker.

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