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Enabling Pointer Events

Enabling Pointer Events

Whether the cursor is visible and whether your panels can be clicked/hovered is controlled by the css property pointer-events


pointer-events: none

No pointer events. Even if the cursor is visible because of the style on another panel you won't be able to click on this panel, your clicks will go through it as if it's not there.

This is the default behaviour. All input will go to the game.

pointer-events: all

Force the cursor visible and active. The mouse input will never go to the game.

pointer-events: visible

If an active panel has this style then the cursor is forced to be visible. Clicking on this panel will pass through onto the panel below. If no panel is hovered then the input will go to the game.

pointer-events: auto

If the cursor is enabled this panel will accept and block input, but it won't force the cursor to be visible on its own.



Add pointer-events: all when spawnmenu open key is pressed.

The suggested way would be to add a class to your root panel called something like spawnmenuopen. Then you can have this style for your spawnmenu.

.spawnmenuopen spawnmenu { pointer-events: all; opacity: 1; }

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