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This api call returns a filtered list of packages.


Name Default Description
version 1 The version of the API to call
q - String query (see below)
take 200 Amount of packages to return
skip 0 Amount of packages to skip for (pagination)

Query String

The query string is used to filter and search the packages.


To include a specific tag, you can use the + character at the start of the tag. To exclude, you can use the - character.

This query will return packages that have the blue and red tag and not the square tag.

+blue +red -square

You can also select packages with any of a set of tags. This query will select packages with either the blue or red tag, no square tag and the sphere tag

-square blue|red +sphere


Packages can be ordered using one of following tags:

Name Description
sort:friends Filter and sort packages by last time played by friends
sort:favorite Filter and sort packages by favourited by yourself
sort:used Filter and sort packages by last time played by yourself
sort:referenced Sort by number of other packages referencing
sort:live Sort by number of players right now
sort:popular Sort by popularity
sort:updated Sort by last updated time
sort:newest Sort by creation time (newest first)
sort:oldest Sort by creation time (oldest first)
sort:trending Sort by recent popularity relative to other packages

Special Filters

Packages can be filtered specifically using one or more of the following tags:

Name Description
ref:<ident> Return only packages that reference this package.. ie ref:facepunch.construct
source:<1/0> Return only packages that have public source files
in:<ident> Return only packages that are in the specified collection.. ie in:facepunch.rust
org:<ident> Return only packages that are in the specified organization.. ie org:facepunch
is:owner Show only packages in organisations in which we're a member

Return Value

Find primarily is used to retrieve a list of packages, and that's what it does.

int TotalCount; string QueryString; Package[] Packages; Facet[] Facets; Tag[] Tags; SortOrder[] Orders;