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What is a Tileset

Tilesets allow for the quick replacement of basic geometry for more complex models/geo. The Tiles selected are determined by the characteristics of the tilemesh and through tile properties selected by the user.

Creating a basic tileset

Step 1:

When creating the vmap file it is important that it ends with _tileset. This allows the vmap to show up when selecting the tileset in the tilemeshs object properties.

Step 2:

To create a tileset hover over the Tiles tab and select the Create tile set .

create tile set.png

Step 3:

Select the tileset in the Outliner and rename the tileset in Object Properties to Base.


Step 4:

To create a tile first create a mesh, while in Mesh ( 4 ) mode go to the Tiles tab and select Create Single Tile ( ctrl+⇧ shift+o ) Note: The tile will be created separately in the outliner so it needs to be dragged into the Base-Tileset

create tile.png

Step 5:

The default width and height of the tile is 256. To change this so it matches the mesh first select the tile then go to the Object Properties. From there the Base Width and Base Height can be adjusted.

tile size.png

Step 6:

After all that you should be able to create a tilemesh from an existing mesh, select the tileset from within Object Properties and see your mesh be replaced with tiles from the tileset.

Tile Object Properties

Property Description
Name The name of the tile
Base Width Width of the tile
Base Height Height of the tile
Use Best Size Match
Minimum Size Scale The minimum scale at which the tile can be selected
Maximum Size Scale The maximum scale at which the tile can be selected
Probability Weight Determines the chance of the tile being selected from multiple tiles of the same size
Display Base Face Toggle to show the base geometry
Align To Axis
Rotation Snapping
Variation Id

Tileset Properties

Tileset properties can be found by selecting the Base - tileset in outliner and pressing altenter

tileset properties.png

Once a property is added it shall appear in the tiles Object Properties

Mesh Properties



This property can define what tiles can connect together depending on their edge characteristics.


If 180 degrees is treated as flat then concave is < 180 and convex is > 180

Drop-down options are as follows

  • open
  • flat
  • convex
  • concave

Included are also their negated versions and a *-Match Any option


Here the settings for mesh_edge_convexity is shown for 2 tiles and in practice how these 2 tiles can be used.



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  • Custom properties
  1. Group Proxies