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Speech Recognition

The Speech Recognition API functionality is currently limited to two simple method calls. It may potentially be expanded in the future to support complex custom grammar trees.


Generic Speech

If you want to listen for any speech you can use the below method. It should be noted that this method yields a low accuracy result, and isn't perfect. You should search the returned string for keywords.

SpeechRecognition.Start( ( output ) => Log.Info( output.Text ) );


SpeechRecognition passes the SpeechRecognitionResult type which has the following parameters.

/// <summary> /// From 0-1 how confident are we that this is the correct result? /// </summary> public float Confidence { get; set; } /// <summary> /// The text result from speech recognition. /// </summary> public string Text { get; set; } /// <summary> /// Did we successfully find a match? /// </summary> public bool Success { get; set; }


If you want the game to only match to certain words you can pass a list of choices that the game can use to match the users input to a string, Limiting the pool of results.

var choices = new string[] { "Jump", "Move Left", "Move Right" }; SpeechRecognition.Start( ( output ) => Log.Info( output.Text ), choices );

Note that the list of choices can be any IEnumerable<string> type.


void AskUser() { //we are only wanting the game to guess between these three values. var choices = new string[] { "yes", "no", "maybe" }; Log.Info("do you like pie?"); SpeechRecognition.Listen( ( output ) => CheckAnswer( output), choices ); } void CheckAnswer(SpeechRecognitionResult result) { //Only Prodceede if the game found a word match and has high confidence its correct if (result.Success && result.Confidence >= 0.7f) { if (result.Text == "yes") { Log.Info("YAY!"); } } }