S&box Wiki

Creating and uploading projects

Creating projects

Creating a game is as simple as using the Project Manager in the editor.

Simply do '+' > 'Create New' or ctrl + n .


Then, select the type of project you wish to create, give it a name, and set a location for where the project should be stored. By default, this will be in your Documents folder under S&box Projects, you can configure this location under 'File' > 'Preferences' in the toolbar.


Now you should have a new project ready for editing! You'll find it wherever you saved it to.

Updating projects

Uploading a project is also done through the Project Manager.

To publish a project, you'll need to set an Organisation to upload to. If you don't have one, you can make one in the editor or here. Once all is said and done, open up your project settings by clicking the slider icon found to the side of your project's listing.


Finally, when you are ready to upload to asset.party, right click on your project in the list and select the Upload to asset.party option


Managing projects

Other than using the Project Settings dialog mentioned above, you can also further manage your project through the Dev Site