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Launch Arguments

Launch Arguments

Here's a list of launch arguments that can be useful for various purposes.


Argument Description
-fullscreen Launch the application in fullscreen mode
-height Set the window height
-resizing Enable window resizing
-width Set the window width


Argument Description
-adapter Specify the graphics adapter to use
-dx11 Use DirectX 11 for rendering
-forcenovsync Disable vertical sync
-highdpi Enable high DPI support
-msaa Force MSAA level
-novsync Disable vertical sync
-nowindow Hide the application window
-rs_reset Use default render system
-safe_mode Use default render system
-vsync Enable vertical sync


Argument Description
-novr Disable virtual reality
-vr Enable VR
-vrdemo Show window centered on default monitor


Argument Description
-project "mygame/.sbproj" Launches straight into the specified project
-tools Launch the tools application
-vconsole Enable the VConsole


Argument Description
-allowlocalhttp Allow local urls for http requests. Only works on server.