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Setting up Visual Studio

Downloading and installing Visual Studio 2022

Download Visual Studio 2022 Community and install with the workload .NET desktop development, as well as ASP.NET workload for razor support.

If you need additional guidance refer to the official guide.

Visual Studio 2019 and below no longer support the .NET 7 SDK, Visual Studio 2022 + is required to run .NET 7 SDK Projects.

Opening your projects

The easiest way to get started is to press Open Solution from the editor or ( ctrl + p ).


Your solution contains every code addon (games, tools) - everytime you create a new addon it'll be automatically regenerated.


  • If you get a lot of errors from dependencies not being able to load, make sure you have the latest version of Visual Studio 2022 installed with .NET 7.

Missing .NET 7

Are you missing a .NET 7 SDK installation? Sometimes Visual Studio refuses to reference the .NET 7 SDK unless you have the preview channel enabled.

Still unable to reference .NET 7? Please change your Visual Studio 2022 Instance to the Preview Channel by following the guide below.


You should now see your .NET 7 installation when selecting an SDK.



For info on debugging check out the Debugging page.