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Getting Started With Hammer

Getting Started

Creating a Map Addon

Before you do anything, you need to make a Map addon which will allow you to compile and upload the map.

Start by going to the Projects tab and pressing the "+" button and selecting "Create New..."


Once you have done that a window will pop up with some options, change the "Project Type" to Map and fill in the rest with what you want such as Map name and location.


You can then right click your map addon from the Projects tab and press "Open in Hammer...".



If you are getting the error "(map path) is outside of the directory required for game content:" your map is not classed as an addon, which means you either haven't created a map addon or in some cases your vmap does not match the name of the addon package ident.

If you created a map before making a addon, follow the above steps using your vmap name and copy your current map into the addons /maps folder.

If you are getting a "You were disconnected from the server. CLIENT_NO_MAP Reason:(map name)" It means the package ident does not match the vmap/vpk you uploaded.