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Editor Overview

Editor Overview

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The Editor

The editor is the window where you'll likely spend most of your Time. Widgets can be docked anywhere in the window, created under the view dropdown found in the top left corner.

Holding Right Click allows you to freelook and fly around with WASD and Q/E. If you scroll the mousewheel while flying you can control the fly speed, you can also hold Shift to fly faster.

The bottom of this article contains a list of helpful Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Inspector

You can inspect and modify Components, Assets, and Panels in your game at runtime through the inspector.

The Asset Browser

The Asset Browser is where you interact with and manage all of your assets. From here, you can view content from your local addons as well as content available on asset.party. You can also create and import assets.


This provides a command-line interface for you to interact with your games and the engine.

The Project Manager

The Project Manager allows you to create new projects - things like games, maps, addons, and tools. It also allows you to manage your existing projects, and update them.


This contains a bunch of buttons that open different tools - including the material editor, ModelDoc, and Hammer, among others. You can hover over them to see what they do.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are helpful for quickly using the Editor. That is why this bigass list is near the top.

Some of the following shortcuts can also be accessed under the Scene dropdown menu near the top of the editor.

Keyboard Shortcuts Description
` (backtick / tilde) Focus console input if visible in current layout, else Unfocus Game / Release Mouse
F1 Developer Console
F3 Fullscreen Game
F5 Play
F6 Record Video to steamapps\common\sbox\screenshots
Ctrl + S Save Open Scene / Prefab
Ctrl + Shift + S Save All Open Scenes / Prefabs
T Toggle Global/Local space for gizmo transforms
G Toggle Grid Snap
Shift + G Toggle Gizmos
F Frame camera on currently selected object / Scene Origin
W, E, R Switch to Move, Rotate and Scale gizmos respectively
Esc Deselect All
Del Delete
Shift + Click Select Multiple
Ctrl + Click Select or Unselect Multiple
Ctrl + C, V, X Copy / Paste / Cut Object (respectively)
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste as Child
Ctrl + D Duplicate Object
Ctrl + B Snap object to Grid
Ctrl + 0 Reset Object Rotation and Scale
Ctrl + 1 'Drop' selected object (snap to floor) (Local)
Ctrl + 2 'Drop' selected object (snap to floor) (World)
Ctrl + 3 Align to Closest Normal
Alt + Arrow Keys Nudge Object Up/Down/Left/Right