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The Editor Overview

Editor Overview


Game View and Launcher

This is your main viewport for your game. You have the launcher, basic performance statistics, and debug view controls.


The launcher allows you to quickly hop into a game or map. You can click on the dropdown box to list configurations; a bunch of auto-generated configurations will get made for you based on your currently active projects.

Click the play button to start a game or map - this will change to a restart button when appropriate. Click the stop button to stop your current game session.

You can create and modify custom configurations by scrolling to the end of this dropdown and clicking Edit Launch Configurations.


You can inspect and modify entities, assets, and panels in your game at runtime through the inspector.

Assets Browser and Console

Assets Browser

The Assets Browser is where you interact with and manage all of your content. From here, you can view content from your local addons as well as content available on asset.party. You can also create and import new assets.


This provides a command-line interface for you to interact with your games and the engine.

Entity List and Project Manager

Entity List

This is where you can view what entities are loaded up in your specific game and or map. You can click on them to open them in the Inspector to view their properties in detail.

Project Manager

The Project Manager allows you to create new projects - things like games, maps, addons, and tools. It also allows you to manage your existing projects, and update them.


This contains a bunch of buttons that open different tools - including the material editor, ModelDoc, and Hammer, among others.


Here's what the icons in the toolbar mean: