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You can grab the current version of the citizen model at this link:

You can get the textures here:


If you need a guide on importing the model through modeldoc, go ahead and follow the Importing a new model guide. If you simply want to make stuff outside of modeldoc, simply just import the .fbx file to the 3D modelling program of your choice.


  • arm_upper_twist_* (from shoulder to biceps)
  • arm_elbow_helper_* (better deformation for extreme bend angles on the elbow)
  • arm_lower_twist_* (from forearm to wrist)
  • leg_upper_twist_* (from pelvis to thigh)
  • leg_knee_helper_* (better deformation for extreme bend angles on the kneecap)
  • leg_lower_twist_* (from calf to foot)

Animation data does not need to be exported for these (it will in fact be discarded), they are procedural helpers driven entirely by constraints configured in ModelDoc.

IK bones

These bones are used to drive IK constraints in-engine. They need animated data.

  • root_IK
  • hand_*_IK_target
  • foot_*_IK_target

root_IK is the parent to all *_IK_target bones. This is because this data needs to be kept in a different space that won't be affected by any layers, weightlists, etc. that we're doing, otherwise we can't restore the positions through IK afterwards! Think of them as a way to keep the pos/rot data of hands and feet intact relative to the root motion of the character.

root_IK is, in the control rig, constrained to follow X and Y of the pelvis, but with Z (height) forced to 0.

The hand IK target bones are pos/rot constrained to their respective hand bones in the control rig, same for the feet.

Additionally, there are these two special IK bones, which are an attempt at reproducing the "ikrule touch" feature from Source 1.

  • hand_L_to_R_ikrule (child of right hand, constrained to the left hand)
  • hand_R_to_L_ikrule (child of left hand, constrained to the right hand)

These are used as a way to keep the position and orientation of hands the same relative to each other even after applying layers, weightlists etc. and they are pos/rot constrained in the control rig.

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