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Recent Changes

Editor - Added more Keyboard Shortcuts, put them at the bottom because they *were* getting kinda long, but added a note to 'The Editor' about where to find them. Should they just get their own page...?
2 Days Ago
Editor - added ctrl+1 to hotkeys + Added WASDQE fly controls because QE just got added i think + Put fly controls in their own paragraph above the hotkey list
3 Days Ago
Fonts - doesn't have to be in root folder because this isn't automatic
Fonts - nevermind then
Fonts - dont have to add fonts to resource paths anymore, fix some weird wording
Games/GettingStarted - updated "create new game" image, will revert/replace once templates return
by Retro
Games/GettingStarted - Remove uploading / testing segment, they both have their own pages already + Editing code has it's own page too actually
CreatingProjects - Newer method
ProjectTypes - This is the best I can think of without just deleting the page, doesn't really make sense anymore
by Retro
Games/GettingStarted - Warning, downloading assets directly is currently broken. update publishing guide
Sound_Events - update to scene?
Guide_to_Sounds - fix the weird capitalization
by Retro
Guide_to_Sounds - update to scene
4 Days Ago
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Minor Change + Minor Change
by Retro
Models/AssetBrowser - Created Page
Models/Project - Created Page
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Given a proper check-up, how ya doin' flatgrass?
by Retro
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Changes grammer + Adds keybinds for texturing + Small Change + Rewrites
by Kicks
GettingStartedWithHammer - whoops + Maps do not need to be set to released
by Retro
GettingStartedWithHammer - minor change
5 Days Ago
GettingStartedWithHammer - Instead of Deprecating, let's just update the page.
by Retro
hotspot_materials - not deprecated
Selection_Sets - not deprecated
Cordons - not deprecated
General_FAQ - Update
Sound_Scapes - deprecated, sounds are placed in scenes not hammer
Sound_Events - needs a rewrite
Guide_to_Sounds - needs a rewrite
Selection_Sets - deprecated
hotspot_materials - deprecated
Cordons - obsolete
Light_Entities - Entities don't exist
CreatingDoor - deprecated + forgot the > AGAIN
Hitboxes - remove entity references
RenderHooks - code examples are outdated, needs partial rewrite
Scenes - Hopefully remove anything obsolete, someone more experienced with scene rendering update this please
Creating_Editor_Tools - Tool projects don't exist anymore + oops
Hammer_API - hammer will be removed eventually
Hammer_Gizmos - hammer will be removed eventually
TypeLibrary - Outdated code example, obsolete
Cloud_Assets_from_code - .model is a bit too entity system
7 Days Ago
Traces - update for scene system, mostly
10 Days Ago
Front Page - Make the image non clickable
by Rubat
General_FAQ - add a monetization section, someone bugged me about it not existing
General_FAQ - this chart is really cool, but it doesn't make sense any more
11 Days Ago
Setting_up_Rider - Add Rider inspection fix
by kira
13 Days Ago
websockets - Casing
websockets - Undelete and update, trim the fat + Minor Change
Prediction - DELETE
Input_System - Re-write to remove entity information
Components - More basics for components
Traces - Minor Change
Components - added link to my nice properties page i spent time on
GameObjects - Update components link now that the page is created
Components - Created Page
14 Days Ago
GameObjects - added editor tag screenshot + info :-)
GameObjects - Created Page
SavedGames - Delete
by matt
by matt
EventSystem - Delete
by matt
Precaching - Delete
by matt
World_UI - Delete
by matt
Editor - We have a toggle gizmos shortcut key now :-) thanks tony
using_lobbies - Delete
by matt
menu_music - Delete
by matt
loading_screen - Delete
by matt
by matt
Camera - Delete
by matt
Scene_System - Delete
by matt
Voice - Delete
by matt
Clothing - Delete
by matt
Setting_up_Rider - Remove giant unnecessary setup process
DevPreview - Link to Facepunch documentation
Editor - Added more keyboard shortcuts + Added shift/ctrl to keyboard shortcuts
Editor - Added keyboard shortcuts, deleted old inaccurate toolbar legend (you can just hover over them)
UI - Code blocks were broken, couple other minor changes + still busted?
Scene_System - Gonna move this to it's own page under rendering, write something about the actual scene system here + put something here for now, someone please find a use for this page
Scenes - moved scene rendering stuff here, the scene system page should be about the actual scene system + Rendering category
Clothing - deprecate
Bots - Bots no longer exist, and likely will never come back
Voice - Minor Change
Pawn - Pawn? never heard of it
MakingASimpleAI - delete page, deprecated and niche
GameLoop - Scenes don't really have a game loop, page name makes no sense
Games/ProjectSettings - Remove some sections that don't exist anymore, new screenshot
GameLoop - no longer just deprecated, needs to be rewritten
Setting_up_Visual_Studio - Weird headers
Commands - TODO: rewrite maybe, if this kind of command ever works again
Network_Basics - Just so I dont forget, some info on how to test your game
Lag_Compensation - I dont think this page is neccessary, recreate if needed
Network_Callbacks - could rewrite this, but we really don't need an entire page for one thing
Networked_Types - TODO: rewrite entire page
websockets - Entities are DEAD; TODO: rewrite entire page
RPCs - too much client and server bullshit; TODO: rewrite entire page
Prediction - Not entirely wrong, but TODO: rewrite entire page
Network_Basics - All completely incorrect, TODO: rewrite entire page
multi-run - Theres a button to do this quickly, don't need an entire page for it
Pawn_Input - Delete, old info
ui-events-and-input - Added OnEscape
15 Days Ago
Property - Added [TextArea]
launchargs - some of these do nothing or are redundant
Addons/GettingStarted - Deprecated/Obsolete from entity system
by duston
MakingASimpleAI - Deprecated - refers to Entities, old Navmesh, Client/Server split and GameEvents
GameLoop - Deprecated - refers to entities and pawns etc
Pawn - Added deprecated tag - Pawns are removed / deprecated
CSharp_Learning_Resources - Moving to 'Getting Started' category - Learning C# category is unnecessary/redundant given it contains one small page
Setting_Up_Networking - Created Page
by KateWoz
16 Days Ago
Property - Minor Changes
by duston
Property - Attributes and Component Properties + Minor Change + removed waffling & refactored a little bit
21 Days Ago
creating_animated_sprites - replaced .mks with flipbook texture
by Jammie
22 Days Ago
Scene_System - Add link to other scene system for clarity
by KateWoz
Coding-Cheat-Sheet - Remove entity specific code
by KateWoz
System_Requirements - Minor Change
23 Days Ago
Material_Resources - Minor Change
25 Days Ago
Material_Resources - Add InstaMat to tools
27 Days Ago
GettingStartedWithVR - reset the camera transform after parenting or you get some wonky head movement
28 Days Ago
GettingStartedWithVR - Minor Change - specified selecting the target eyes in the target eye property
by wumpus
38 Days Ago
vr-input - Entities don't exist, client and server don't exist, should replace this video with a game that actually exists eventually
GettingStartedWithVR - Basic player, no grabbing or anything
GettingStartedWithVR - Create Page
CreatingProjects - We have better menus for this now
Dedicated_Server - Major: rm Dedicated Server info, link to project status
by sphaxa
47 Days Ago
websockets - Update Auth Tokens example to use Sandbox.Services
pointer-events - Update pointer passthrough section
RenderEntity - Rest In Piss
Entity_Components - Delete Page
Entity_Prefabs - Delete Page
Entities - Delete Page
Entity_Tags - Delete Page
Usable_Entities - Depreciation Notice + Delete Page
Mapping_Entity_Index - remove Mapping Entity index
57 Days Ago
Usable_Entities - [UPDATE] InputButton.Use is deprecated it is recommended to use "use" + Minor Change
by Devil
59 Days Ago
Editor - Update image to use scene system
ProjectTypes - Minor Change
Games/GettingStarted - Remove references to entities, the shooter template, etc.
General_FAQ - Remove some more outdated stuff
Editor - Remove entity references and fix some inconsistencies. Pictures need updating + fucked the image and fucked the whole page, oops Minor Change
2 Months Ago
Front Page - Link to new documentation
Fonts - Don't need to care about naming
by matt
3 Months Ago
Constant_Buffers - matPrevProjectionToWorld ---> g_matPrevProjectionToWorld
ShadingModel - Use code block instead of an image of some code
4 Months Ago
Selection_Sets - opening the dock is under "view" not "tools"
by Seven
hotspot_materials - fixed the keybind for assigning hotspot materials by face
by Seven
Mapping_Entity_Index - updated the warning advisory at the top of the page to discourage page creation until a more clear direction is set
by Seven
Tool_Materials - Created Page + add a note for clarity
by Seven
by Seven
by Seven
Mapping_Entity_Index - Old Url used dashs instead of spaces + added another sentance to the warning message
by Seven
Mapping-Entity-Index - URL fix, page removed
by Seven
hotspot_materials - Created Page
by Seven
Selection_Sets - and basic explainer on how to enable them
by Seven
Selection_Sets - forgot the category
by Seven
Selection_Sets - Created Page
by Seven
Cordons - Created Page
by Seven
Mapping-Entity-Index - Created Page
by Seven
Tilesets-Group-Proxy - Added to the Group Proxies Section of the Page
by Seven
Tilesets-Group-Proxy - Created Page
by Seven
Tilesets-Advanced - Added more information about the properties, basic guide to Material Sets, Tile Properties, and using Concave/Convex Angles + Minor Change - removed fluff near bottom.
by Seven
Tilesets-Advanced - Created Page with inital outline
by Seven
Tilesets - Migrated Old Convexity Info to Tilesets - Advanced
by Seven
Tilesets - removed my failed attempt at a markdown comment :(
by Seven
Tilesets - Overhual, Needs some stuff at end to be moved onto a second page
by Seven
websockets - Fixes payload
5 Months Ago
Custom_Asset_Types - Bad English -> good English
Models/GettingStarted - Minor Change
Custom_Asset_Types - Added note about Asset.LoadResource + typo
Guide_to_Widgets - Added Tool attribute
Creating_Editor_Tools - Link to more info on dock attribute
Guide_to_Widgets - Corrected link for widget docking
Widget_Docking - Repurpose widget docking page for docking guide
First_Person - Animation setup broad strokes
First_Person - Minor Change
Guide_to_Widgets - Guide to Widgets + Added link to creating tools/editor projects
Creating_Editor_Tools - The editor folder is case sensitive! (bug?) Also noted that tools cannot be published
Asset_Types - Added link to a guide on custom asset types
Asset_Types - Created page for asset types
Networked_Types - correct properties
by Arwwarr
CSharp_Learning_Resources - Moved Category
websockets - Remove mention of the now-removed http allowlist
by Carson
Shaders/TextureFormats - Make this page not unlisted
by Carson
Models/GettingStarted - Make this page not unlisted + Changed title
by Carson
Games/ProjectSettings - Make this page not unlisted
by Carson
Games/GettingStarted - Make this page not unlisted + Change the title
by Carson
Creating_Editor_Tools - Created Page
by Carson
Entities - fix typo
6 Months Ago
Texture_Settings - show how to actually open the texture settings menu
Material_Resources - 3dassets.me
material_attributes - A lot of grammar changes, who wrote this
guide_to_materials - some strange wording, more work to do here but I cant figure out how tables work