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Using_particle_systems_from_CSharp - Added section for Named Values.
3 Days Ago
Prediction - Undo previous change, Rename section
by Xenthio
4 Days Ago
supported-style-properties - Updated last fields
by Rock
supported-style-properties - First wave of updates
by Rock
Prediction - Rewrite Sounds/RPCs section
by Weldify
5 Days Ago
Prediction - Simplify "Sounds and RPCs"
by Alex
8 Days Ago
Jiggle_Bones - Tip
Instances - Minor Change
Instances - Created Page
Prefabs - Created Page
Jiggle_Bones - Updated some errors and added couple gifs + Minor Change
Your_First_Project - add link to editor overview to the creating a project section
by abeous
Jiggle_Bones - Minor Change
by EvKem
9 Days Ago
Jiggle_Bones - Add Gifs for Atlas and Chell examples.
Jiggle_Bones - Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change
Jiggle_Bones - Minor Change + Minor Change
Jiggle_Bones - More changes and screenshots to the ModelDoc section
Jiggle_Bones - Expanded ModelDoc section
Jiggle_Bones - Added more gifs and cleaned up a few sections
Jiggle_Bones - Updated gifs and some sections
Jiggle_Bones - Updated introduction and title + Updated sections 1 + 2
Jiggle_Bones - Created Page + Minor Change
by Andiq
JiggleBones - Created Page + Minor Change
by Andiq
Traces - fixed EndPos + fix more bc i forgor
11 Days Ago
by Andiq
13 Days Ago
Understanding_Emmiters_Initializers_&_Operators - More information about snapshots
Understanding_Emmiters_Initializers_&_Operators - Explaining how to make a .vsnap file
by Andiq
14 Days Ago
by Andiq
PhysicsHullFromRender - Minor Addition to PhysicsBodyMarkup + Minor Correction + Minor Change
by Andiq
Light_Entities - Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change + yes
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Mention the guide on creating map instead of File New
GettingStartedWithHammer - Minor Change
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Minor Change + Minor Change
GettingStartedWithHammer - Created Page + Minor Change
SavedGames - Created Page
by Conna
15 Days Ago
Your_First_Project - Trying not to spread bad advice on the internet (wip)
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Minor Change - code style + Minor Change - fix code spacing
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor Change - code style
Downloading_Assets_For_Your_Server - Minor Change - code style & little fix
Clothing - Minor Change - code style
FileSystem - Minor Changes - code style & grammar
EventSystem - Minor Change - code style
16 Days Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - Removes the themes section (again)
by MeDerp
Setting_up_VSCode - I think is 7.0
by kr
Your_First_Project - Created Page
supported-style-properties - position: static, gap
by matt
18 Days Ago
CreatingAddons - Delete old
by matt
CreatingProjects - Renamed page from CreatingAddons
by matt
19 Days Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - s&works -> asset.party, clarify that people are downloading your whole game to place entities in their map
20 Days Ago
ui-razor - Minor Change (rebuilt on the next page -> next frame)
23 Days Ago
AnimEvents,_AnimGraph_Tags,_and_Attachments - Fix typo in Particle Events AnimEvent section
26 Days Ago
Camera - Minor Change
ui-events-and-input - Minor Change
30 Days Ago
DisplayInfo - Created Page + Minor Change
by JomarM
31 Days Ago
Texture_Settings - Minor Change
by Alex
MaterialAPI - table ... table ...
by Alex
39 Days Ago
Cloth_Physics - Added deprecated tag to guide, until there is a better way to do them.
47 Days Ago
Editor - Add legend for toolbar - image might not be the best way to do this, but fuck it
by Alex
Editor - Links & highlighting
by Alex
Entities - Link To TypeLibrary in the TypeLibrary section
Networked_Types - Clarify [Predicted, Local] for BaseNetworkable props + Minor Change - add period + Minor Change - clarify a bit less + Minor Change - add colon
Networked_Types - Minor Change - fix bracket spacing
Commands - Minor Change - fix spacing
48 Days Ago
guide_to_materials - Minor Change
by kr
Input_Glyphs - Minor Change
by Alex
Camera - Local removed + PostCam is PostCamera + Minor Change
by Alex
Bots - Host removed
by Alex
Network_Basics - Host removed
by Alex
Using_Dynamic_Expressions - Host removed + Minor Change
by Alex
Usable_Entities - Host removed
by Alex
Commands - Local removed
by Alex
World_UI - Local removed
by Alex
Pawn - Local removed
by Alex
49 Days Ago
CreatingAddons - Remove link to deleted page
by Del T
env_sky - Delete page
by Alex
env_gradient_fog - Delete page
by Alex
HitGroups - Use Hitbox Tags
by Alex
EditorPanelsWidget - Delete empty page
by Alex
Editor - Overhaul content - include everything here rather than linking off to minimalist pages + Minor Change + Minor Change + This section is redundant & slight image change + Tweaking this image one last time (sorry)
by Alex
EditorApplicationTimingsWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorAssetsBrowserWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorErrorListWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorEntityListWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorExplorerWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorPerformanceWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorAddonManagerWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorInspectorWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorConsoleWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
EditorGameWidget - Moving to main Editor Overview page
by Alex
AnimEvents,_AnimGraph_Tags,_and_Attachments - Minor Change + Minor Change
by Alex
ui-razor - Explain ref behaviout
ui-razor - Remove dumb warnings + Add back @code codegen warning, explain partial is possible
ui-razor - Update warnings
FileSystem - Link to API docs
by Alex
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - SandboxEditor is now Editor
by Alex
TypeLibrary - Refactor
Custom_Vertex_Weights - Make the name shorter
50 Days Ago
AnimEvents,_AnimGraph_Tags,_and_Attachments - fixed code example for footstep
Camera - Don't include reference to CameraMode - why would it be on the wiki if it's gone?
AnimEvents,_AnimGraph_Tags,_and_Attachments - Added FootStep Code example and renamed page to fit on firefox
AnimEvents,_AnimGraph_Tags,_and_Attachments - Created Page + Added links at the start for quick access
Guide_to_Models - Attachments
by Alex
custom-physic-setup - Minor Change
by Remscar
Pawn - So PostCamera is still a thing but its only an event so bye bye
by Steel
Widget_Docking - Deleted - this is mostly obsolete
BreakingChanges - Use https://github.com/orgs/sboxgame/discussions/
Importing_and_creating_assets - Add screenshot for sounds
by Alex
Guide_to_Models - Minor Change
by Alex
Guide_to_Models - Created Page + Category
by Alex
Importing_and_creating_assets - Sounds page has been moved + Link to models guide
by Alex
Creating_Sounds - Moving to "Guide to Sounds"
by Alex
Guide_to_Sounds - Created Page
by Alex
guide_to_materials - Created Page + Minor Change + Minor Change
by Alex
Importing_and_creating_assets - Update materials link
by Alex
guide_to_making_materials - Moving to "Guide to Materials"
by Alex
Importing_and_creating_assets - Created Page + Move to "The Project System", might not be the best section?
by Alex
System_Requirements - Some very general minimum target system requirements
by matt
Importing_a_new_model - Deleting this, I'll replace it in a minute.
by Alex
LODs - Simplify intro (I still think this is way too much), fix formatting
by Alex
source_1_assets_porting - Fix dead image link
Creating_Sounds - Trim the fat, move looping sounds info to its own subsection, update images + Re-take some screenshots + Link to the "uploading assets" page
by Alex
Hammer-Entities - Deleted Page
phys_ballsocket - Deleted Page
phys_hinge - Deleted Page
phys_lengthconstraint - Deleted Page
phys_pulleyconstraint - Deleted Page
phys_slideconstraint - Deleted Page
phys_spring - Deleted Page
func_shatterglass - Deleted Page
func_voxelsurface - Deleted Page
ent_explosion - Deleted Page
env_tonemap_controller - Deleted Page
func_precipitation - Deleted Page
info_particle_system - Deleted Page
post_processing_entity - Deleted Page
post_processing_volume - Deleted Page
ent_button - Deleted Page
ent_door - Deleted Page
ent_nav_blocker - Deleted Page
info_player_start - Deleted Page
snd_event_point - Deleted Page
snd_soundscape - Deleted Page
push_volume - Deleted Page
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
by Alex
trigger_hurt - Deleted Page
trigger_multiple - Deleted Page
trigger_once - Deleted Page
trigger_teleport - Deleted Page
Coding-Cheat-Sheet - No hyphen in title
by Alex
GameLoop - Pain week, include source file for all images, add API reference links
by Alex
Setting_up_Rider - Point it to the new .NET 7 SDK download
51 Days Ago
Making_Gamemode - We don't have to worry about FGD files anymore + Shaders get compiled anywhere now
by Alex
World_UI - InputBuilder is gone, also to use AimRay
by Alex
Bots - No more InputBuilder!!! + Minor Change
by Alex
Pawn - No more InputBuilder
by Alex
EventSystem - Event.BuildInput -> Event.Client.BuildInput, no more InputBuilder
by Alex
Coding-Cheat-Sheet - Move to AimRay & a bunch of older painday stuff that was never changed
by Alex
Voice - PlayerId -> SteamId
by Alex
Camera - Code formatting fix
by Alex
Camera - Added Camera & basic usage
by Steel
Player_Controller - Deleted
by matt
Player_Animator - Deleted
by matt
Camera - Deleted
by matt
Camera - Minor Change
by Steel
52 Days Ago
General_FAQ - Remove some outdated material + Add "How do I open the editor" back, simplify the instruction
TypeLibrary - Category Change: Getting Started -> Misc
UploadingAssets - Minor Change
by Alex
CreatingAddons - Content -> projects
by Alex
UploadingAssets - Created Page + Page title + Page category + Links to other pages, match formatting for the other publishing page + Make page title less shit
by Alex
Hotload - Minor Change
53 Days Ago
Input_System - Fixed broken link to Input class API definition
Input_System - Added sentence clarifying that [ClientInput] properties are automatically set serverside + Removed duplicate info
GameLoop - Added code styling to various method/property names that were missing them + test\ntest + last 2test + /nick new_nick:Wiki Bot 2000
BreakingChanges - Hopefully I've described this correctly ^^
by Fish
Input_System - Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change
by Conna
Input_System - Updated for New Client Input
by Conna
AnatomyOfVFX - Replace SHADER with shader + Minor Change
by ogniK
54 Days Ago
AnatomyOfVFX - Lazy change, VFX -> SHADER
by Xenthio
default_keybinds - Minor Change
by Splatzy
56 Days Ago
UI - drawing + Minor Change
BreakingChanges - Minor Change
by Crayz
BreakingChanges - Created Page + Minor Change
by Crayz
Setting_up_Visual_Studio - Minor Change
60 Days Ago
Compute_Shaders - Added section header to match other Shaders pages for consistency
Compute_Shaders - Dispatching doesn't seem to be bound to a render thread anymore - let's get rid of our custom scene entity and just dispatch in PreRender
by Alex
Compute_Shaders - Update code examples to be much more concrete + Minor Change
by Alex
Compute_Shaders - Minor Change
by Alex
DoPlayerNoClip - Delete
by matt
DoPlayerDevCam - Delete
by matt
2 Months Ago
Entity_Components - Added a short explanation for what Entity Components are for those not coming from other entity/component modeled engines
Camera - Added singular name to Entity Components link to fix singular/plural issue with wording for readability
Entities - Reorganized Entity type list to better clarify their inheritance + Removed unnecessary second use of "spawned" for readability
custom-physic-setup - Minor Change
custom-physic-setup - Created Page + Minor Change
by Remscar
Hammer_API - Added "as" to page note for readability