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Project Settings Window - Games

Project Settings Window

The Project Settings Window is a central hub for configuring and publishing a project.


You can open the window by clicking on the cog icon next to your project:



Project Setup: This section allows you to modify the project's title, package ident, organization, tags, etc.

Menu Files: A section for specifying the accessible files within the menu system, which are downloaded when a user clicks on your game.

Game Setup: Allows you to define the minimum and maximum number of players, the game's tick rate, and networking type.

Collision: Configuration table for defining which types of game objects can collide with others.

Input: Assign in-game actions to specific user input commands. A set of actions are provided by default.

Resource Files: Define extra paths that need to be uploaded.

Packages: Reference external libraries used within the project.

Compiler Setup: Configure settings for the project's compiler.

Upload to asset.party: This allows you to publish your game so that others can play it.