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Setting up Rider

Get Rider

You got two options to choose from: buy Rider or start a 30-day evaluation period.

Set Rider as your Code Editor

From within the s&box editor, click Edit > Editor Settings. In General, set the Code Editor to Rider. Now you can press Ctrl+P (or File > Open Solution) from within the editor to open your solution.


Attaching to the Procces

In Rider click Run -> Attach to process... or see here


Selecting the S&Box process

1 View the available list of all debuggers

2 Narrow it down to .NET

3 Filter by sbox only

4 Attach - Done!


Start debugging!



  • If you are getting errors on everything, make sure you have the .NET 7 SDK installed.

  • If you are getting random errors from stuff that should be code generated, ensure you have Roslyn Analyzers enabled.

  • If you are getting errors from the s&box libraries specifically the razor files, like this:


Then its try disabling rider's inspection for those folders.

To do this go to: Settings -> Inspection Settings Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Elements to Skip" and enter:

"Libraries\Base Library\UI"

"Libraries\Menu Addon"