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C# Learning Resources

C# Learning Resources

C# is an object-oriented, strongly and statically typed, programming language. This differs heavily from Lua, which is a dynamic, weakly typed programming language with less restrictions and different coding conventions than C#.

As such, it is recommended to start learning C# from a clear point of view. Below are some good resources to start with.

Supported IDEs

Visual Studio 2019 (Community) is a free IDE which fully supports C# and gives you the required tools to start programming for s&box.

Visual Studio Code is another free lightweight code editor, which supports C# as long as you install the extension for it. While it lacks some of VS2019's tools, it will work perfectly fine alongside s&box.

Rider is a licensed IDE by JetBrains. It supports C# and will work with s&box perfectly fine. Developers with the GitHub Student Pack may get access to it for free.

Official Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft's official documentation and tutorials are a very good starting point for beginners.

Table of Contents

Interactive Hello World

Tour of C#

Microsoft's "Learn C#"


SoloLearn has some free C# tutorials. Keep in mind you might see ads on the website.

Beginner C# Tutorial


Codecademy is similar to SoloLearn. It is free for just about all starting courses, but if you want to get into more advanced coursed they have you will need Codecademy Pro. The free version, however, will work perfectly fine for just about everyone.

Learn C# | Codecademy


LearnCS.org is a great website to learn. It is completely free, however it is more documentation style like, and there are ads. Overall, it is still a great website when you may need a quick reference for something.


C# Tutorial For Beginners - Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour

This is a very good video as Mosh does a great job keeping things simple, and straight to the point. I also find for this video very easy to follow along.

C# Tutorial For Beginners - Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour

Other Resources

These are just a few resources that are available. Of course, there are many more on the internet, as well as plenty of great YouTube videos. Also there is always Google where you can find other resources to utilize if any of the above don't work for you.

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