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Embedding Websites

You can embed websites within your game - the easiest way to do this is through WebPanels to embed websites in your game. These allow you to display websites, play YouTube videos, music, etc. inside your game's UI.


WebPanels are really easy to use. Create a WebPanel element, and then set the Surface.Url property to navigate to a page. You can use AcceptsFocus (defaults to true) to determine whether the panel receives keyboard input.


Using these is relatively straightforward - here's what one looks like in razor:

@using Sandbox.UI; @inherits PanelComponent <root> <WebPanel Url="https://asset.party/"></WebPanel> <style> WebPanel{ position: absolute; top: 50px; left: 50px; width: 1280px; height: 720px; pointer-events: all; } </style> </root>