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Getting Started

Basic Player Setup


First things first, create an empty gameobject to be your player, and add the VR Anchor component. This will represent the center of your play space.


Now for a head and hands, create Head, Left Hand, and Right Hand gameobjects, then add a VR Tracked Object component to each, setting the Pose Source property to the matching controller or headset.



So you're done! except, you can't see anything, So lets add some visuals. If you don't have a camera in the scene, create one, then parent it to the Head gameobject so it follows your head movements, make sure that within the camera you select both the LeftEye and the RightEye in the Target Eye property, and reset the transform of the camera.

Now for each hand, grab a hand model and parent it to the corresponding hand object, and add the VR Hand component with the correct hand set in the Hand Source property. This should add finger tracking to the hand models, if they are rigged correctly.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 213555.png

After all that, you should have a basic VR player, and your setup should look something like this.