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Http Requests

Http Requests

S&box provides a static Http class, this lets you easily create asynchronous Http requests of different methods (GET/POST/DELETE, etc..) providing JSON content and parsing JSON responses.

Allowed Urls

You can only use http/https urls to domains (no ip addresses).

And to prevent abuse; localhost is permitted only on ports 80/443/8080/8443.

The command line switch -allowlocalhttp will let you access any local url from the server.

Cheat sheet

Some common things you might want to do

// GET request that returns the response as a string string response = await Http.RequestStringAsync( "https://google.com" ); // POST request of JSON content ignoring any response await Http.RequestAsync( "https://api.facepunch.com/my/method", "POST", Http.CreateJsonContent( playerData ) );