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What Is Localization

Instead of doing label.Text = "Hello World", you do label.Text = "#helloworld";. This way you can use the localization system to change #helloworld into こんにちは世界 if they have their language set to Japanese.


When doing UI stuff if you set a value to a string starting with # - it'll become a token, which means it'll look for its real value in the localization system.

This works both when creating Panels using code and using templates.


To create your definitions create a folder in the root of your addon called .localization.

Then inside that create a folder for the language. en is English. Then create a Json file inside that, which will hold your tokens.


Filename: .localization\en\sandbox.json

{ "spawnmenu.props" : "models", "spawnmenu.entities" : "entities", "spawnmenu.cloudmodels": "asset.party", "spawnmenu.tools": "tools", "spawnmenu.utility": "utility" }

Then our code can do something like this..

Add.Button( "#spawnmenu.utility" );


For now there are two languages. English (en) and Pirate (en-pt). We'll add more languages on request and over time.