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Custom Style Properties

Custom Style Properties

We've added a few custom style properties to our implementation of css. Your editor might complain that these don't exist, but they do.

Here's what we added

Name Description / Notes
aspect-ratio float: Added by Facebook Flexbox. Element tries to keep its aspect ratio.
background-image-tint Color: multiplies the background image by this color
sound-in The name of a sound to play when this style is applied to an element for the first time. This is useful to put on a:hover style to play a sound when hovering.
sound-out The name of a sound to play when this style is removed from an element for the first time
pixel-snap If set to 1 we'll snap the UI to pixels. If your element is on screen, you probably want to snap to pixels. If it's something like an over-head name tag, something that follows the position of something in the world, you want to set this to 0. This property cascades automatically and defaults to 1.

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