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<cat>Dev.Intro</cat> <title>Using the Developer Tools</title> <note> This guide is meant for people who have little to no knowledge on the Source 2 Tools. </note> <warning> This may change in final release. </warning> # Getting Started: If you want to get started modding you should know how to open the tools. In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know on how to get started on your s&box modding journey! # Loading the Tools: To load the s&box Developer tools you need to open the path of where you installed s&box. To do this open steam and right-click on s&box in the library menu and then select Manage > Browse local files <upload src="a5873/8d91017c99792c1.png" size="82101" name="image.png" /> Now, in the folder that should have popped up on your monitor should be the folder you installed s&box in. To start the tools just click `sbox-dev.exe` I recommend having a shortcut for this because you will be using it a lot. The tools should start, And you are good to go! ## Recommendations: I recommend from here you move on to <page text="Creating your first gm_flatgrass">Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass</page> <validate> Change or remove recommendations? - This page doesn't even relate to s&box with the HL:A screenshot, it's basically just 'open this .exe and have fun', I doubt it belongs right now. Should just remove it for now. </validate> <validate>All this page does is tell you how to execute a file, is this page even needed?</validate>⤶