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The Editor Overview

S&box Editor

This is where you develop content for s&box.


Opening the Editor

Opening the editor can be done by one of the following three ways :

  • Launch s&box from steam, Select Launch Game Editor then click play.

  • Append -tools to your launch parameters.

  • Launch sbox-dev.exe located at the root of your s&box installation.

Editor Tools

The tools can be accessed from the Tools main menu entry, or from the hotbar - these are all self-explanatory for editing different asset types.


Editor Widgets

Game - You main game window


Inspector - Inspector where you can modify your game resources and such.


Addon Manager - Manage your addons here.



Entity List

Error List

Assets Browser - Browse and manage your assets here.

Application Timings

These pages have pretty barebones or completely missing information for now. So if you feel like you can add additional info and or pictures to one of the individual pages, please do! Just keep additions/edits nice and tidy.