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<cat>Play.Intro</cat> <title>Welcome</title> S&Box isn't released yet so this information is probably not useful for you unless you work for Facepunch or have somehow got very early access to the game. This wiki is mainly for us right now. We're going to be filling it with useful information as we develop so it's all rea‎dy when the game is ready. If you want to know more about S&Box, you can visit these non-official pages below. - [Everything you might need to know for S&Box](https://forum.facepunch.com/t/everything-you-might-need-to-know-for-s-box/1744) - [S&Box FAQ](https://forum.facepunch.com/t/s-box-faq/1781) For those who have S&Box. - [Dev Login](https://sbox.facepunch.com/dev/login)

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