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3 Years Ago
Cloth_Physics - Remove proxy validation
AccessList - Update accesslist
CSharp_Learning_Resources - Revert previous change, remove Amazon ref links
AccessList - Add last updated date
Setting_up_VSCode - Add GenerateProjects.bat step
Setting_up_VSCode - Add requireExactSource: false for debugging with codegen + Minor Change
Setting_up_VSCode - Add back themes since it doesnt harm anyone and is only two lines
Setting_up_VSCode - Created Page + Minor Change
~user:281198 - Created xenzo's user page (no one will ever know what I wrote here)
~user:145325 - Created Page
AccessList - method -> member
AccessList - Moved from /Sandbox to /AccessList + Updated bug reporting + Add access list + inclusive language + Better example for dangerous functions
Sandbox - Created Page - reporting suggestion taken from sbox-issues on GitHub + Minor Change + Deleted page for renaming + Adding <cat>removed</cat> so it doesnt show up in categories anymore + Deleting again
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add back terminology because people keep back overwriting each others changes
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous changes, add terminology part + Fix heading for terminology + Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous changes
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change + Minor Change + variable -> field + Whoops, this is the actual variable -> field edit
From_Lua_to_CSharp - C# doesn't have global variables - no static variables are not global
HowToGetAKey - Deleting this page