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User Changes: A1steaksa

1 Year Ago
Input_System - Fixed broken link to Input class API definition
Input_System - Added sentence clarifying that [ClientInput] properties are automatically set serverside + Removed duplicate info
GameLoop - Added code styling to various method/property names that were missing them + test\ntest + last 2test + /nick new_nick:Wiki Bot 2000
Setting_up_Visual_Studio - Minor Change
Compute_Shaders - Added section header to match other Shaders pages for consistency
Entity_Components - Added a short explanation for what Entity Components are for those not coming from other entity/component modeled engines
Camera - Added singular name to Entity Components link to fix singular/plural issue with wording for readability
Entities - Reorganized Entity type list to better clarify their inheritance + Removed unnecessary second use of "spawned" for readability
custom-physic-setup - Minor Change
Hammer_API - Added "as" to page note for readability
Entity_Components - Minor Change
Pawn - Minor Change + Minor spelling change