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Cloth Physics History

4 Months Ago
Cloth_Physics - Removed useless validate, no format other than dmx with the said tools work, clarified warning to discourage using tris in proxy, instead of outright saying you shouldn't.
5 Months Ago
Cloth_Physics - Added description for "Collide with World Capsules and Spheres", edit by @Grodbert :sunglasses:
Cloth_Physics - Changed "cloth_goal_strength" to "cloth_goal_strength_v2"
Cloth_Physics - Removed warning, cleared guide a bit and clarified a few steps, everything should work fine now
Cloth_Physics - Added warning, guide needs to be overhauled
6 Months Ago
Cloth_Physics - Remove proxy validation
7 Months Ago
Cloth_Physics - "Fully" is being used as an adverb response to how much a vertex should follow its parent bone (fully follow).
by ubre
Cloth_Physics - More Grammar Fixes
by SE77H
8 Months Ago
Cloth_Physics - Minor Change
Cloth_Physics - Created Page + Changed infinite ascii characters to "inf"

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