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Creating your first gm_flatgrass History

28 Days Ago
by Rubat
4 Months Ago
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Mapping resources link doesn't have to have the full url
1 Year Ago
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Fixed type in step 6, Alt + B wrong bridge mode, changed to B
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - More Grammar Fixes
by SE77H
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Updated fix speedrun video
by ubre
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Added steps 18.1-18.3 to turn ngon into tris
by ubre
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Added to do note to add step to remove unnecessary faces.
by Moonded
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Added a TO-DO in step 18.
by ubre
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Minor Change - Added space so ``<key>5</key>`` is centered and not overflowing with ``(`` bracket thing. So it looked like this https://i.imgur.com/t28Df9c.png and now it looks like this https://i.imgur.com/obGNUOL.png
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Minor Change - Fixed this https://i.imgur.com/JTKoOtq.png uhh not sure if it occured to someone because of this bug on the wiki https://wiki.facepunch.com/wiki/Bugs_And_Requests#bugresizingthewindowcanmaketextinpageeditorghost "Ghost Characters" + Minor Change - ok fixed step 19 + Minor Change - added missing \* in \*\*Selection Tool\*
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Ah, nvm I can easily separate the icons. I was trolled by Google Chrome because they add a white CSS background behind the image... and like <https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1194665> I reported it here made my code commit on google aswell, but they are stalling to reply or something, so if you ever see this if you also get confused by that thingy, comment on that bug ticket. - I added all icons from the image to the table. Kept original link as a reference, incase some HTML support gets added for the wiki.
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Turned the image into a table. However it doesn't look like the previous image, as in style. However the text can now be found through search. Hm, do formats work on history page, hm. **To do:** Who made the https://files.facepunch.com/wiki/files/314/8d90a83c8940111.png because they already modified the icons, even though it is simple to redo... uhhh... also can this wiki get Templates like on MediaWiki so the image style can be remade in html or something?
by ubre
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Added steps up to 10 + Fixed spelling error (SHIT -> SHIFT)
by ubre
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Minor Change + Minor Change
by webby
Creating_your_first_gm_flatgrass - Link to new Mapping Resources instead of listing resources seperately
by SE77H
by ubre