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Creating a Game Project History

58 Days Ago
Games/GettingStarted - updated "create new game" image, will revert/replace once templates return
by Retro
Games/GettingStarted - Remove uploading / testing segment, they both have their own pages already + Editing code has it's own page too actually
Games/GettingStarted - Warning, downloading assets directly is currently broken. update publishing guide
4 Months Ago
Games/GettingStarted - Remove references to entities, the shooter template, etc.
7 Months Ago
Games/GettingStarted - Make this page not unlisted + Change the title
by Carson
9 Months Ago
Games/GettingStarted - Minor Change
by Alex
Games/GettingStarted - Single game project changes
by Alex
Games/GettingStarted - some clarifications
by Rubat
10 Months Ago
Games/GettingStarted - Minor Change
by w_w
Games/GettingStarted - publishing
Games/GettingStarted - Minor Change
Games/GettingStarted - Created Page