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History for Morphs and Shape Key Animations

Morphs and Shape Key Animations History

3 Months Ago
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Deleted useless parts + minor changes
4 Months Ago
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Added useful link for corrective shape keys, in case you actually want to use them.
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Merged "Morphs" page as its own subsection in this in an attempt to clean the clutter of the ModelDoc section + Minor Change
5 Months Ago
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Added fix to FBX scaling
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - ok the problem was that the materials didn't support morphs (???)
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Added disclaimer about weird material situation
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Added extra step to ensure you don't get stuck, I got stuck for 30 minutes because of this and I made the guide
Importing_Morphs_and_Shape_Key_Animations - Created Page with new title

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