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History for Importing Rust Weapons

Importing Rust Weapons History

17 Days Ago
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Minor Change + added some info about the hold_R bone and attachments
18 Days Ago
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Mention root bone / mesh skeleton requirement: people are using this guide as reference for importing their own weapons & this is catching a lot of people out
by xezno
2 Months Ago
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Minor Change: hold bone name has changed for Citizen v2
by xezno
3 Months Ago
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Changed "Viewmodel shit start with v_" to "Viewmodels here start with v_", because viewmodels usually are in higher quality than the world model, so they look very nice \:) atleast in CS:GO
by webby
5 Months Ago
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Minor Change + Physics + Attachments + Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change
Importing_Rust_Weapon_Models - Created Page + Minor Change

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