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Linking Entities to Hammer History

44 Days Ago
7 Months Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - added { get; set; }
8 Months Ago
10 Months Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Added a note on required tags
by ducc
11 Months Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Documented how to get the activator of an Input from code + Conform to code style
by ducc
12 Months Ago
1 Year Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Minor Change - code style + Minor Change - fix code spacing
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - s&works -> asset.party, clarify that people are downloading your whole game to place entities in their map
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - SandboxEditor is now Editor
by Alex
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - add directive "Sandbox" for proper using of Library()
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Clean up all this stuff, it's really simple
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Update hammer attributes for pain day 3
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Describe HammerEntity usage from Pain Day III
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Fix this now that game data is managed. + Fix this now that game data is managed.
by Xenthio
2 Years Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Minor Change (changed Hammer.EditorSprite section to mention sprites instead of models
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - fix property example + fix other documentation comments too
by Rubat
3 Years Ago
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Add Hammer.AutoApplyMaterial as an optional attribute
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - C# comments for properties as well
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Hammer.SupportsSolid and c# comments for inputs/outputs
by Rubat
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Fixed looking like shit, got rid of the total fucking nonsense
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Minor Change: default values need to be marked with Sandbox.Internal.DefaultValueAttribute
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Add text on [Input] attribute with new fgd writer changes and rough idea on how Outputs work
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - Update docs for new fgd writer stuff
by matt
Linking_Entities_to_Hammer - csharp code blocks and some other minor changes
by webby
by webby
by webby
by quality