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Pawn History

2 Months Ago
Pawn - Pawn? never heard of it
Pawn - Added deprecated tag - Pawns are removed / deprecated
9 Months Ago
Pawn - Minor Change
11 Months Ago
Pawn - Minor Change
1 Year Ago
Pawn - Dead links
Pawn - Local removed
by Alex
Pawn - So PostCamera is still a thing but its only an event so bye bye
by Steel
Pawn - No more InputBuilder
by Alex
Pawn - Minor Change + Minor spelling change
Pawn - Minimal Gamemode doesn't exist anymore and Net Lab is deprecated
by GuiGeeK
3 Years Ago
Pawn - Readability in Markdown (Yes there is a better way than <pages>)
Pawn - Couple of ways to access pawns, seems to be a popular question + it's "is not" twat + Link to Pawn API methods (is there a better way to do this then <page>?) + use c# string interp properly
by matt
Pawn - Some basic information on what a pawn is and how to assign one
by matt